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Any problems with your sewer line will make themselves known eventually, and the signs will be hard to miss. If you're having plumbing problems but aren't exactly sure what the cause could be, call McGill Plumbing & Water Treatment, Inc. The culprit could be your sewer line, and you'll need a professional inspection to determine the right course of action.

McGill Plumbing & Water Treatment, Inc. has a long tradition of service in Largo, Clearwater, and the surrounding areas. Trusted by local homes and businesses since 1968, you can count on our team to provide quality services backed by decades of combined expertise. We're proud to be Pinellas County's choice for a wide range of sewer and drain services, including drain cleaning, hydro jetting, sewer line repairs, and sewer replacements.

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Signs Your Sewer Line Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced

A damaged sewer line can cause a number of problems for your home or business. Sometimes the symptoms are subtle, but persistent, and other times they can bring your entire plumbing system to a complete standstill. It's important to know what to watch out for and to contact a plumber without delay when you notice something amiss with your system.

Common signs of sewer line damage include:

  • Bad odors. Can you smell unpleasant sewer gas odors inside or around the perimeter of your property? You should never smell sewer odors; if you do, that means you have a crack or other opening in your sewer lines.
  • Slow drains. Do you usually have to flush the toilet more than once? Do shower, tub, and sink drains take forever to empty? Slow drains are sometimes the result of superficial clogs, but they can also signal large problems deeper within your sewer lines.
  • Frequent drain clogs. Everyone deals with a backed up drain at some point, but if it happens all the time, there's likely a problem with your drain and sewer lines that's preventing waste from being efficiently diverted from your home.
  • Unusually lush or soggy patches of lawn. Does your grass seem extra lush in one area? That could mean that it's getting an abundance of water and nutrients from underground - which could indicate a break in your sewer line.
  • Rodent and insect problems. It's gross, but true: broken sewer lines can invite rats that live in sewers into your yard or even your walls. They can also provide an entry point for cockroaches, sewer flies, and other pests. If pest control isn't working to resolve a persistent rodent or insect problem, we advise you to have your sewer lines inspected as soon as possible.
  • Pooling waste in your yard. This is the most obvious sign that something is not right. If you notice septic waste on your property, immediately call McGill to have this serious hygienic issue addressed by a professional.

What Causes Sewer Line Damage?

Sewer line damage can occur due to several reasons, including:

  • Tree roots: Penetrate pipes in search of water and nutrients, which can lead to cracks or blockages in the sewer lines.
  • Age and Wear: Older sewer lines (e.g., clay, cast iron) deteriorate over time, leading to cracks, collapses, or breaks.
  • Ground Shifting: Soil movement or settling can exert pressure on pipes, resulting in cracks or misalignment.
  • Corrosion: Metal pipes corrode due to soil moisture and chemicals.
  • Physical Damage: Construction or excavation activities can physically damage sewer lines.
  • Blockages: Debris, grease, or foreign objects can accumulate, causing blockages and potential damage.
  • Poor Installation: Improper slope for drainage or substandard materials can lead to early sewer line issues.
  • Temperature Changes: Pipes expand and contract with temperature fluctuations, potentially causing cracks.

Addressing sewer line damage typically requires professional assessment and repair to prevent escalation and property damage.

Pinpointing Sewer Problems Using Cutting-Edge Video Technology

A cracked, collapsed, or otherwise damaged section of sewer pipe can easily be identified by our plumbers thanks to our video inspection equipment. Using a flexible drain camera, we can take a look at the inside of your drain and sewer lines to locate the source of the problem, which may have been caused by tree root intrusion, age-related corrosion, or shifting soil. Blockages are often also the result of buildup on your pipe walls from congealed cooking grease, hair, soap scum, and trash, so always be aware of what you're sending down your drains!

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Many South Florida homes are experiencing sewer line problems, as cast iron pipes that were installed 25-35 years ago are now reaching the end of their lifespans. McGill Plumbing & Water Treatment, Inc. is ready to provide you with the comprehensive service you need to put an end to drainage problems and restore proper function to your plumbing system. We use proven techniques to effectively repair sewer lines or replace them entirely wherever necessary.

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